Golden Triangle tour a journey to three segments of Indian culture

posted on: 2019-02-21

India the country was once noted as 'Golden bird' and it was the golden time of the country and it was ruled by Rajput and Mughal rulers. The history of India is very old and it is from Before Christ era, and since then the country has been through many changes like changing of rulers, cha...

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20 attractions making Varanasi the most beautiful destination

posted on: 2019-02-18

'Nirvana' or we can say 'Moksha'; these are two words which are from Hindu mythology and books describing the re-birth and life cycle of humans. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that human takes several births until it attains ‘Moksha’ which means the soul gets freedom fr...

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Street delights of Varanasi giving tasteful option of 15 foods

posted on: 2019-01-15

Hindu heartland 'Varanasi' is known for the land of Hindu mythology and culture, but the heart of every Indian throbs for many other reasons. The Ganga ghats, the culture, temples, spiritual influence, Ganga Aarti, the boat ride and many other reasons are the colors of Varanasi. Tempting c...

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6 reasons to explore Jammu and Kashmir valley

posted on: 2018-12-12

'Jammu and Kashmir' name of a single state, but having two pictures and beauty in its showcase. As brother and sister are deeply connected in a relation; the same is in Jammu and Kashmir, snow capped hills and beauty of valley same as like brother and sisters existing and blessed by 'Mothe...

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A fresh event Ranthambore festival 2019 is scheduled in January

posted on: 2018-12-10

'Ranthambore' a royal hunting land near to Agra in the state of Rajasthan was a chosen hunting land for the king of Amber and Mughal ruler of Agra. Hindustan was the name of India, and it was ruled by many different rulers, but 'Ranthambore' was the tiger land during that era and still it ...

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6 destinations steaming up the Golden Triangle tour package making it demanding one

posted on: 2018-12-05

The Golden Triangle tour a name suggesting the tour to golden cities of India majorly Delhi, Agra and Jaipur of North East is the chosen one for the package to give travelers the experience of historic tale and heritage monuments. The most demanding tour circuits in India are now adding so...

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5 Reasons to Select Golden Triangle Package

posted on: 2018-11-27

The Indian map extending from North to South and East to West is dotted with many tourist destinations but if you focus over the North East; you will surely find it is dotted with prestigious heritage destination. The heritage of India lies in North East and it is an asset from the ruling ...

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