Fatehpur Sikiri Buland Darwaza Gate

      Agra – Best Places to Visit in Agra

      There is no beautiful place to show and feel love than Agra. The city of joy and love. It is not just as for words but it as a proof “monument of love: Taj Mahal’ that is situated at the bank of river Yamuna. It is a symbol of romance made by King Shah Jahan […]

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      5 Reasons To Visit Kerala This Summer

      Summer vacations are the gateway to heaven for the family. Kids can keep their excitement at bay and parents are simply happy seeing their kids free from load. It is common for the parents to plan out something special for the kid like few days trip to their grandparent’s house or a week vacation to […]

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      Enjoy the soothing chants and colorful costumes of Hemis festival in Ladakh

      Hemis is known as one of the religious festivals which celebrated in Ladakh. This is an important festival of India which is going to celebrate from 23rd June 2018 and it will continue two days. Hemis attracts many foreign as well as local tourists every year. If you are one of them who is planning […]

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      Qutub Minar, Delhi.

      Medieval Structures Redefine Glory of Golden Triangle Circuit

      The Golden Triangle is the famous Delhi, Agra and Jaipur circuit, where tourists generally visit the medieval structures in these three places to experience the prosperous backdrops and marvelous structures. Here let’s see what all is covered in the famous Golden Triangle circuit. DELHI Chandni Chowk – Famous for its food and cultural walks, one […]

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      Brave Queen Padmini of India Recognized For Jauhar Over Debase

      The queen of Chittor Padmini was the legendary Queen. She was the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh. The king married Queen Padmini by defeating Malkhan Singh in a Swayamvar. Queen Padmini’s life and death have been the subject of many legends, ballads, and even in movies in recent years. Malik Muhamad’s epic poem Padmavat […]

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      India Young Brigade Wins ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2018

      India won the title of World Champions in ICC U-19 World cup 2018 at the Bay Oval, New Zealand on 3rd February. The ICC Under-19 Cricket World cup held from 13 January to 3 February 2018. India ruled historic win by beating Australia by 8 wickets. The 12th edition of the international limited overs cricket […]

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      Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

      A relaxed and Soothing Stay at Agatti Island Lakshadweep

      Soothing Homestays and Hotels at Agatti Island That Are Sheer Bliss Do you know the meaning of Lakshadweep? Lakshadweep is a Sanskrit word and it means ‘a hundred thousand islands’. In reality; Lakshadweep only has room for its marvelous 36 islands and here we are going to discuss one amazing island of the place which […]

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      Activities to do That Make Most out of Your Golden Triangle Tour

      The popular Golden Triangle Tour is perhaps the most comprehensive tour in India where one can witness the British Reign, Take a sip in the royal cup and at the same time enjoy a Mughal rendezvous. If we are on the same page, this tour will provide you a golden chance to visit the famous […]

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      Ladakh Road

      Enchanting Valley Tour: Leh and Ladakh Family Tour

      Leh and Ladakh are the popular tourist destinations in India for adventure travelers and family tours. Bet, you’ll spend some memorable times with near and dear ones on the valley tour. The tour has many hidden wonders to explore. Also popularly known as the ‘Land of High Passes’, the enchanting valley of Leh and Ladakh […]

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      3 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

      People can get habituated of being busy all the time, always thinking about the next task on their to-do list, feeling restless when there’s nothing to do, and being unable to truly relax and simply unwind. These are clear signs you need to go on a restorative vacation. This is the kind of vacation that […]

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      Wineries in India: The Extensive Growing Craze in Travelers

      If you like to make your trips when tipsy, then this might just be the right place for you! India has started to see a booming interest in wine and wine industry. Merging wine with tourism, wine tourism is the newest trend attracting tourists. Many wineries are throwing open their doors and offering tours and […]

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      The 4 Amazingly Cool Deserts In The Indian Sub-Continent

      Do you think desert only mean dry brown sands flowing with the warm winds throughout? If yes, this piece of the blog shall put a little more insights to your definition of Deserts. Apart from the Great Indian Desert in India, our country is home to a few coolest deserts whose sight is breath-taking and […]

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      30 Must visit places in India before you turn 30

      5Take the most out of your young age and zeal, travel and freak out the life you have not done before. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. Here we bring to you the most exciting 30 places to visit in India before you reach your middle age. So buck up and pack your […]

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      The 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

        Planning your honeymoon?   If you have cut down your choice to ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’, then you have a plethora of options for your Desi trip. India is a vast country that has to offer myriad of opportunities, more than what you can think of. From snowy mountain ranges to azure waters, India has […]

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      Rally for River

      A” Rally For Rivers”; mass awareness event took place in over 60 cities across India. Lacs of people participated in the event from different locations of different cities. The event is an effort to: Make everyone aware about the crisis our rivers are facing. To gain public support to protect the rivers. To create the […]

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      Perfect honeymoon plan for 6 Nights and 7 Days to surprise your wife

      Is your wedding done? Are your breaking your head for the perfect honeymoon destination?? Well, Kerala is a spellbound place to be for your honeymoon. Plan and embark on an exhilarating experience of 6 Nights and 7 days in Kerala to woo and brew the romance with your wife. Trip Duration: 6 Nights -7 Days […]

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      Temple Tour in Pious Land of Gujarat

      Gujarat is one of the states of India which is rich in its culture. It has temples which are rich not only in its architecture and carving but you shall feel the spirituality and contentment with each temple you visit. The temples of Gujarat have heavy fall of devotees not only from India but from […]

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      sayeed salal mela

      Hindus Pay Reverence To Sayyed Salal Masood Ghazi In Annual Urs

      Uttar Pradesh has celebrations schedule for Hindus and Muslims, such is an annual festival held in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh- Sayyed Salal Mela. The Dargah of Hazrat Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud at Bahraich is the venue of celebrations. Ghazi baba was a famous eleventh century Islamic saint and soldier. His dargah built by Firoz Shah […]

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      Personification of impressions: The eternal romance in roots

      Introduction The Taj Mahal is one of the man made wonders of the world, located in Agra, India. Tour to Taj Mahal will take you on emotional roller coaster. It has glorious history attached which declares Taj as an epitome of eternal romance. The monument was being constructed in the earlier part of the 17th […]

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      Kadammanitta Padayani: The heart and soul of Keral

      The beauty of ‘God’s own country’ never ceases to mesmerize tourists each year. The cultural festivals in Kerala are celebrated with great pomp and show and the beautiful city takes pride in its annual Kadammanitta Padayani festival. Nearly 8 km from Pathanamthitta the Kadammanitta village is quite popular for its annual Padayani festival that takes […]

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      Maramon Convention, Kerala

      Maramon Convention, Kerala: Know how and why to celebrate

      Gods own country celebrate occasions in unique style with warmth of traditions. The Maramon Convention in the mild winters is one of the biggest Christian conventions in Asia. It is during the month of February on the wide sand-bed of the river Pampa below the Kozhenchery Bridge that the Maramon Convention takes place annually. It […]

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      Splurge on a romantic beach holiday on Valentines Day

      Very soon the big day will be at the forefront and the magical air is already lingering around us. Fourteenth of Feb is an excellent reason to get away on a long end of the week. Evade the strenuous calendar and engage you and your loved one in loving holidays for few days. A loving […]

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      The Grape Escapade in Goa

      Throwback Moments at Asia’s largest Wine Festival, Goa

      Festival Time: 6th to 9th February For a gourmet freak January is the time to be merrier with The Grape Escapade in Goa. Celebrate your passion as you drop in Goa. The food and lifestyle festival is an annual event that takes you to a land where you will find exotic flavors one can dream […]

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      Float Festival Maduari

      Float Festival of Madurai: Kaleidoscope of Lights, Lamps & Fireworks

      India is a country where, after every hundred kilometers you are experienced by a new cultural identity with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and heritage. South India is that one part where one can explore the rich culture and traditions. Float Festival started in 17th century Madurai, the temple city of India is home to the colorful […]

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      First Moonlight Festival to open up from 21st October in Goa

      It’s funnier in Goa for the Moonlight Festival. The vivacious city though spreads a unique liveliness all through the year; the unmatched passion in three days catches attention of travelers. The journey is filled with enchanting music and dance performances. Come October and get ready to tap your foot on pulsating thematic music. The event […]

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      Konkani Drama Festival- A Unique Celebration of Konkani Music and Art

      Goa is more than just crowded beaches and beer. From sunburn to International Film festival, Goa has many fairs and festivals in its bucket every year. You can’t deny that Goa, by itself, is one long festival. Goa is also famous for its various works of art including singing, drama, dance, painting and verse that […]

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      Pulikali Festival, Kerala

      Brilliant Pulikali – a recreational Art Form of Kerala

      Forming a beautiful part of Kerala, Pulikali is a brilliant art form that exhibits the vibrant colors of God’s own Country. A recreational folk art turned into festival, bringing out the best of Kerala’s cultural magnificence, has managed to gain attention of the global audience. In fact, people coming to visit Kerala in the South […]

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      Excellent Certificate by Tripadvisor

      Maharaja Trails gets Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor

      Recently ace travel website, TripAdvisor provided Certificate of Excellence to Maharajatrails.com. It has obtained many reorganizations for its travel services. Adding one more feather to the cap the travel website is elected number 1 for the ‘The Most entertaining Day Tour Packages’ and received the high number of positive reviews by TripAdvisor members. The visitors […]

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      Best destinations for adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh

      A land of hills and deep serene gorges it is Himachal Pradesh. A place where you can be lazy, just sit and feel the atmosphere or fly in the clouds and jump of the cliffs, play in the green playground or blue water bodies. You just need to come and witness the complete thrill in […]

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      Wildlife Safari at Mudumalai and Bandipur National Parks

      Hello friends, if you are planning to travel across India and fond of natural beauty and sceneries then, do take a tour of South India and get a taste of Wildlife Safari at Mudumalai and Bandipur National Parks. Wild animals in lush surroundings are amazing sight. South India is studded with lush green forests, sprawling […]

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      Taj Mahotsav 2016, Agra

      Soaked in energy of dance and music fest Taj Mahotsav

      Agra is always a place of attraction for all the tourists visiting India. It has spellbound beauty in terms of heritage. Other than Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the golden moments lived in dance and music is one of the reasons why the city is filled with tourists in February […]

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      Agra Taj Car Rally 2016

      Speed and Distance extravaganza at Agra Taj car Rally

      The city of Taj is romantic and thrilling too. The brilliance is onboard once you drop on Agra tour. Last year went to Agra during Taj Car rally event sharing the thrill with you in this blog. It is must attend event while on your visit. After consecutive success for two years, it is the […]

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      Thrilling and Distinct Feature of Kerala Festival: Elephant Pageants

      Kerala is rich in its ritualistic and cultural heritage. Like every other Indian state, there is something auspicious about the place, and the elephants are star at Kerala festivals. Together with pulsating music and dancing people festooned tuskers completes ritualistic celebrations. Visiting Kerala during elephant festival will charm you. The sheer thrill of moment at […]

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      A walk through the U.P. Tourism Mart in Agra

      Travel is entertaining and is big contributor in a state’s revenue. If you are looking for the different facts and figures of UP tourism, then the coming Travel Mart of Agra is going to provide you a complete support for the same. Travel to Agra soak couples in romance and single in thrill. The ecstasy […]

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      Natural Momentous Mementos

      Travelling and touring are really exciting. Taking time off to see the world, time off from work and schedules are really good things that perk up our life from the daily, mundane routine works. Of course, we have to remember our friends and family who await our return and our souvenirs. We need souvenirs to […]

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      Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan India

      Explicating Valor: The Fort of Chittorgarh

      Rajasthan is well known for its forts and Palaces. Chittorgarh fort is not only the heritage and pride of Rajasthan but also it is well recognized for its glory of being the largest fort of India due to its mammoth and captivated structure. The fort was constructed in the 7th century by various Maurya rulers […]

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      Udaivilas: World’s best destination Palace Hotel

      Rajasthan is sixth best holiday destination in Asia. The state is window to envision vibrant cultural heritage of India. Readership research conducted by a leading tourism website also revealed that tourists selected Rajasthan as their favorite tourist centre. Many Rajasthan cities are listed in top 25 destinations of India. Here we are describing a splendid […]

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      Source: Dainik Bhaskar

      Biggest Number of Girls wore Turban, Clicked Selfie

      Expected to be recorded in Guinness Book of World Records Safa and turban in dress represents folk culture of Rajasthan. Often you will see Rajasthani man with a long tentacles like moustache wearing safa or turban. On October 5th Birla Auditorium showed a unique view of the city. Rather than man girls wearing turban had […]

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      Traveler Enjoyed Rajasthani Folk Dance on World Tourism Day

      Foreigners dances spectacularly to the drum beats – World Tourism Day 2015

      World tourism Day was celebrated on 27th September, 2015. United Nations Organization gave the theme of year 2015 as “One Billion Tourists, One Billion Opportunities” Rajasthan, popularly known as the Land of Places enriched with colors of History, culture, food, music and dance observed huge number of tourists on this day. During the Welcome Program […]

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      Sunny weather adding excitement to Golden Triangle tour

      Planning holidays in India is indeed a good idea. Busy streets, huge havelis, brawny fortresses, astounding palaces, serene nature and other architectural splendours wait on tour to India. I guess nothing is more divine than exploring the magical shine of marble wonder Taj under the soft glow of sun. Golden Triangle tour which is the […]

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      T24 Tiger in Ranthambore National Park

      Memorable Wildlife Experience at Ranthambhore National Park

      Ranthambore National Park used to be the most favorite hunting destination for Mahararajas Jaipur, today it is one of the most popular and preferred wildlife tourist destination in northern India for experiencing the exotic wildlife. located at about 130 km away from Jaipur in Sawai Madhopur district of Southern Rajasthan this is the biggest national […]

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      Gagron Fort Witness of Sacrifice, Thousands of Women saved their chastity by sacrificing lives

      Gagron Fort is the epitome of chastity because of 2 live burnings carried out by queens to protect their honor. This fort is well known for its remarkable foundation less construction that takes support from the hills of Burj.   Proudly holding the award of being a “world heritage site”, Gagron fort is located in […]

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      Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Temple

      Indulge in a Religious Atmosphere at Kerala Temples

      Kerala is a beautiful place in Southern Part of India, which is famous as God’s Own Country. With the sparkles of natural beauty spread across entire state, it looks simply majestic. Having waterfalls, beaches, hill stations and traditionally brilliant temples, Kerala has managed to attract thousands of visitors every year. This is the reason that […]

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      Mehrangarh Fort Taller than Qutab Minar – Queen became ‘Sati’ on pyre of King

      Standing proudly on a 120 meter hill, Mehrangarh Fort happens to be taller than Delhi’s Qutab Minar having a height of 73 meters. An aesthetic aspect of this fort is a spectacularly built temple of Sati Mata. It has been constructed to honor the wife of Maharaja Maan Singh, who burnt herself on his pyre […]

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      Periyar River Kerala

      Exotic Rivers of Kerala

      Kerala is known to be God’s Own County, which is indicated through its spectacular lush green valleys, scintillating beaches and exceptional environment. Kerala is famed for its breathtaking views of the valleys and some of the most exotically positioned waterfalls as well as lakes across the planet. These lakes known as the life source of […]

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