Maharaja Trails offers convenient India tour packages for quality experience of holidays. However, if under any unforeseen condition you need to cancel or postpone the tour, our customer friendly, easy to understand Cancellation & Refund Policy described under saves hassle.

  • All Cancellation requests must be mailed to us from the same email id used to make booking. The cancellation confirmation mail needs to be verified by replying it. This is mandatory step to claim your refund.
  • The refund for cancellation may take different time depending on the various services booked and according to our refund policy pointers as discussed below:
  • Refund will be made through NEFT within 7 working days.
If booking is cancelled within 45 days of arrival date, the entire advance payment made while booking excluding the transaction charges will be eligible for refund. Any transaction charges for settlement or any cancellation charges levied by airlines or Indian Railways against ticket annulment will be borne by the customer. The cancellation charges by hotels booked will be deducted as per the individual cancellation policy of the hotel.
In case of cancellation within 30 days of tour, no advance payment given to us will be refunded and no claim will be entertained.