Monsoon and June festival a reason to draw tourist attraction in 2019

Monsoon is going to enter India very soon and the month of June is an absolute one to experience monsoon in India. Drizzling rain drop, and green beauty of India makes it a memorable tour. India is recognized as a cultural country so the fairs and festivals is must one to discuss in this blog. Diversity in culture gives India many different fairs and festivals which are colorful and very unique to experience.

Check the list of June festivals to enjoy Incredible India on your this India tour.

1. Ramadan
Ramadan is a holy month of Muslim community during which they keep fast from dawn to dusk. The evening time is the feast time, and the streets of Old Delhi, Lucknow and every those having maximum Muslim community gets decorated with roasted chicken, kebab, biryani. It is really amazing to experience Ramadan in India and end the holy month with the celebration of Eid.

History - the festival is originated by Prophet Mohammad a famous Islamic Prophet. The month continues with fasting and end with Eid-ul-Fitr.

Location - Old Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow and the proposed festival date is May 6th to June 5th.

Festival Attractions: majorly the festival attraction is its unity and dedication of the Muslim community for this holy month. Men and women wear new clothes and celebrate together with every community.

Festival Food: Kebab, meats, chicken, roasted meat and chicken, biryani, sweet kheer, phirni, sewaiyan, chole.

Best time to visit - October to March

Nearby Five star Hotel/Resort - The Oberoi hotels, Radisson Blu, Taj hotel

Nearby Attractions- local attractions of New Delhi and Old Delhi, local attractions of Lucknow and local attractions of Hyderabad.

2. Kottiyoor Utsavam
Kottiyoor Utsavam is a 28 day festival, which is celebrated in Kerala and I must mention you can experience the real nature surrounded by dense forest and Bavali river. The temple opens during this festival exclusively and it gives best time to enjoy the culture of Kerala and nature of Kerala.

History- the festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the temple of Kottiyoor is believed as a Shakti Peeth.

Location- Kannur district, Kerala and the proposed date of the festival is May 17th to June 13th.

Festival attractions- self created Shiva idol, Neyyattam ritual, Thirukalasattu ritual

Festival food- Kerala cuisines are tangy and sour, but mouth watering.

Best time to visit- November to April

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Hotel Green Park Residency, Heaven Hill, Star Inn Residency, Meenkunnu Beach Resort

Nearby attractions- Kerala is a beautiful destination and it has many beautiful attractions to visit like; backwaters, beaches, hill stations, waterfalls, wildlife and many more.

3. Shimla Summer Festival
Shimla is one of the famous hill stations in India, which attracts maximum travelers to its snow covered mountains and Himalayan ranges. Every year Shimla celebrates a summer festival, which becomes a genuine reason to plan a visit to Shimla in June.

History- the festival was first celebrated with dance, song and music to celebrate the beautiful glory of Shimla and since then it became a traditional festival for every summer.

Location- Shimla, Himachal Pradesh in the first week of June

Festival attractions- local music, singers, dance, stalls

Festival food- lentil, rice, vegetable, mughlai cuisine, Chaat

Best time to visit- October to June

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Oberoi Hotels, Radisson Jass, Marina Shimla, Royal Tulip Shimla

Nearby attractions- Toy train in Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali, Hidimba temple, Rohtang Pass and many more.

4. Sital Sasthi
Sital Sasthi is one of the special festival celebrated in Orrisa State. The festival is enjoyed with prayer of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati. The procession is taken out as a celebration with folk song and music.

History- the festival is celebrated since 400 years ago to welcome Monsoon

Location- Sambalpur in Orrisa and the proposed festival date is 9th June

Festival attractions- decorated temple, procession for the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati/

Festival food- Chhena Podo, spiced rice, Chakuli Pitha, Pakhala

Best time to visit- October to April

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Hotel Sheela towers, Hotel Harjit Residency, Hotel The Grand Siba

Nearby attractions- beaches, temple of Jagannath in Puri, Bhubaneshwar, Konark and many more.

5. Ganga Dusshera
Ganga Dusshera is a festival dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Hindu devotees take a holy dip in Ganga river and wash away the sin. This day is noted as a Holy day and very auspicious one as per Hindu belief.

History- the festival is celebrated in a belief that Goddess Ganga came first on earth on this day.

Location- Varanasi, Prayagraj, Kashi

Festival attractions- Ganga bath and Ganga aarti

Festival food- Kachori Sabzi, Choora Matar, Dahi chutney Gol Gappa, Baati Chokha

Best time to visit- September to June

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Ramada Plaza JHV, Clarks Varanasi, Rivatas by Ideal, Hotel Madin

Nearby attractions- Kashi Vishwanath temple, Ganga ghats of Varanasi, old temples of Kashi and you can also plan for Haridwar.

6. Ochira Kali
It is one of the interesting festivals in Kerala mesmerizing the time period of medieval India. A war was conducted between two kingdoms Kayamkulam and Ambalaphuza. People here dress up in a warrior and play like conducting war on the drumbeat.

History- festival is a mock war in remembrance of war between two kingdoms

Location- Ochira in Kollam district of Kerala and proposed festival date is June 16th to 17th.

Festival attraction- Mock war

Festival food- Kerala cuisine and Arabic food

Best time to visit- November to May

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Royale Plaza Hotel, Hotel Travancore Regency

Nearby attractions- backwaters of Kovalam, Alleppey, Cochin

7. Saga Dawa
Saga Dawa is one of the best reason to explore Gangtok in the month of June. It is a Buddhist festival representing the culture of Buddhism and spreading the message of Lord Buddha. The procession is taken out from Tsuklakhang Palace Monastery to Rumtek Monastry by Buddhist monk and followers.

History- the festival is celebrated in the honor of Lord Buddha representing the life cycle, from birth till death

Location- Gangtok, Sikkim and the proposed festival date is 17th June.

Festival attraction- procession of mask dance, drum beat

Festival food- Momo, Thukpa, Phagshapa, Sha Phaley, Gundruk

Best time to visit- September to June

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Hotel New Orchid and Spa, LA Ttakshang residency Hotel & Spa, The Grand Silk Route

Nearby attractions- Darjeeling, Lachung, Hanuman Tok, Tashi View Point

8. Ambubachi Mela
Ambubachi Mela is one of the unique festival in entire India. The mela is celebrated in the Kamakhaya temple of Assam, as a festival of Menstruation of Goddess. The temple remains closed for three days and it attracts tantriks for best time to practice Tantra vidya.

History- it is believed that Kamakhya temple is a sakthi peeth and here Goddess menstruate during Ambubachi and it is believed as holy time and strong time to learn and practice tantra.

Location- Guwahati, Assam and the proposed festival date is 22nd - 26th June.

Festival attraction- fair or sadhus of tantrik

Festival food- Khaar, Duck meat curry, Maasor Tenga, Aloo Pitika, xaak aru bhaji

Best time to visit- October to March

Nearby five star hotel/resort- Hotel Atithi, Vivanta Guwahati, Novotel Guwahati

Nearby attractions- Assam State Zoo cum Botanical, Shillong, Meghalaya, Cheerapunji


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