Planning holidays in India is indeed a good idea. Busy streets, huge havelis, brawny fortresses, astounding palaces, serene nature and other architectural splendours wait on tour to India. I guess nothing is more divine than exploring the magical shine of marble wonder Taj under the soft glow of sun. Golden Triangle tour which is the most popular tourist circuit gives opportunity to explore the best three North-West cities- Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The best season to visit golden triangle cities is neither too hot nor too cold and rainy. Looking at both extremes of weather I would suggest you to tour in lovely weather of November and February. It’s quite pleasant…

Golden Triangle Map

Golden Triangle Map

December and January are somewhat misty and wintry so ideally best time to visit Golden Triangle is October-November and February-March. The warmth of Indian hospitality, emblematic of rich Indian culture will formulate a cordial environment.

Do you know why this trilogy of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra named ‘The Golden Triangle’? These three cities form almost an equilateral triangle, where each stretch is almost 250 km. Elderly city, Delhi is grand landscape of Mughal planning. UNESCO World Heritage site Taj Mahal in Agra and elephants, camels, forts and exotic palaces of Jaipur turn this tour into fantasy. Gazing the brilliance of Taj Mahal at dawn and dusk is good way to beat the heat and the crowds too. Visiting bustling bylanes and bazaars of these cities are interesting. They are shadow of culture.

Existence of diverse religions, colourful events unlike the beautiful monuments and ruins; astonishing village traditions gelled together is what real India is. Golden Triangle tour is a blend of history and beauty and this makes it fascinating and most popular. May your entry gate be Delhi or Jaipur the cities indeed represent living microcosm of India so buckle up to collect some unforgettable memories on your tour to Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.


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