June decorated to celebrate top ten festivals a perfect package and time for the India tour

The month of June is knocking the door and with a countdown of just 31 days, we will experience the monsoon month in India. The month of June doesn't just bring happiness for India with rains but also makes a festive month with the celebration in different corners of the country. As a domestic and international travelers, June is a month which will give you an experience of several colors of the country and its beauty, giving a perfect time for the India tour. So, let’s start with the counting of the top ten festivals proposed in June.

1. Shimla Summer Festival
Shimla Summer festival is a cultural festival celebrated in Shimla exclusively for travelers. During the month of June, a large number of tourists gather in the State and the festival is celebrated with music and dance which attracts tourists coming to the State for this festival. It is a must attended the festival to explore the tradition, costume, culture and the epic of Himachal Pradesh.

Location: Festival is celebrated in Shimla

Attraction: Festival is about the many colors of folk song, folk dance, events, and small shows

Best time to visit: March to June is proposed as the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. However, the proposed festival date is from 2nd -7th June.

Best for shopping during the festival: Local handicrafts, Tibetian market for shawls and sweaters. Shimla is the best place to walk and shop for handmade jewelry.

Festival cuisine: Channa Madra, Chicken Anardana, Siddus, Sepu Badi Madra, Auriya Kadoo.

2. Saga Dawa
Saga Dawa is a remarkable festival celebrated in Sikkim with all the culture and tradition of Buddhism. Here, in Sikkim, the festival is celebrated for the entire month and especially on a full moon day. Buddhist monks delivers the message of peace and life of Buddha for humanity and peace. The festival enlightens about Buddhism and preaches of Lord Buddha. A procession is held by the Buddhist monks from the main monarchy to another with a prayer to spread the message of festival organizing.

Location: Tsuklakhang monastery is noted as the starting point of the Saga Dawa festival. The proposed date of the festival is 4th June.

Attraction: represents the birth, enlighten and death of Buddha. The other major attractions of Sikkim are; Lake Tsomgo, Rumtek Monastery, Yumthang, Gurudongmar Lake.

Best time to visit: October to May

Best for shopping during the festival: Sikkim is a place to enjoy many local handicrafts and the best products to shop during the festival are; Prayer flags, canvas wall hangings, thangkas, woolen carpets, chosees, tea, Sikkimese traditional dress.

Festival cuisine: momo dumplings, Thukpa, Phagshapa, Sha Phaley, Gundruk, Sinki.

3. Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr
The holy month Ramadan in India is from May to June, which is celebrated by the Muslim community keeping whole month fast. They keep fast every day and evening time is for Iftar, which serves a plate with many tasty cuisines and dishes. June is the month to celebrate Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr with many sweet dishes, and meat dishes. Planning for India during this festival time will serve you a platter of tasty Mughlai dishes.

Location: Old Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Kozikode

Attraction: Iftar in the evening and decorated mosque. You can also plan for attractions of Old Delhi, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.

Best time to visit: October to May and the proposed date for Eid is 15th June.

Best for shopping during the festival: local handicrafts, pearls, textiles, and decorative items.

Festival cuisine: biryani, kebabs, Sewai, meat dishes, phirni, chole and many more.

4. Sindhu Darshan Festival
Understanding about the Sindhu Darshan festival, we have to travel back in ancient time, when it was noted as Sindhu Maa. The festival is celebrated in Ladhak on the bank of Indus river. People from all over the country participate in this festival for its spiritual belief. The month of June is chosen to celebrate this festival and serve the beauty of Indian culture and tradition.

Location: Ladakh proposed festival date 12th June to 18th June.

Attraction: folk dance in local costume and mask. You can also check for local attractions of Ladakh; Tso Moriri, Nubra Valley, Chadar Trek, Khardung La, Leh Palace, Magnetic Hill, Thiksey Monastery and many more.

Best time to visit: September to July

Best for shopping during the festival: jewelry, clothes, rucksack, handicrafts and many other local items.

Festival cuisine: Chutagi, Skew, Paba, Gur Gur Cha, Momo, Thupka.

5. Ambubachi Mela
Ambubachi is an entirely different religious festival from any other festival in India. It is devoted to Lord Kamakhaya and it is believed that Ambubachi Mela is for celebrating the menstruation of Goddess Kamakhaya. During this time, the temple remains closed and saints prayers and practices many tantras. The temple opens for devotees after three days and people fight for getting a piece of wet cloth of the Goddess.

Location: Guwahati, Assam proposed festival date 22nd June

Attraction: Tantra sidhi, prayer in the temple premises for Goddess

Best time to visit: October to June

Best for shopping during the festival: tea leaves, Assam Silk, handicrafts, pickle, Singing bowls, hand made toys, Assamese jewelry

Festival cuisine: Khaar, duck meat curry, Maasor tenga, Aloo pitika, xaak aru bhaji, Ou khatta

6. Sao Joao Feast of St John
Sao Joao feast of St John is a very special festival in Goa to visit in June. The festival is dedicated to Baptist of St John. It is very attractive for Goa culture, costumes, feni and much more. Goa is always a land of celebration and festival in June is the best reason to visit Goa during summer.

Location: Siolim in Goa, proposed festival date 24th June

Attraction: community dance, feni, colored clothes, decorated boats. You can also visit the other attractions of Goa and several beaches.

Best time to visit: November to March

Best for shopping during the festival: Cashew nut, spices, Feni, handicrafts, wooden furniture, painted tiles.

Festival cuisine: Goan fish curry, Prawn Balchao, Fish Recheado, chicken xacuti, chicken cafreal, shark ambot.

7. Feast of St Peter and Paul
The feat of St Peter and Paul is actually a welcome festival for the monsoon by the fishermen community. It is one more reason to visit Goa in June. The fishermen community celebrates it with great joy and enthusiasm, performing dance, song and some events on the banks of the river.

Location: Bardez in Goa

Attraction: dance, songs, decorated boats

Best time to visit: October to March

Best for shopping during the festival: Cashew nut, spices, Feni, handicrafts, wooden furniture, painted tiles.

Festival cuisine: Goan fish curry, Prawn Balchao, Fish Recheado, chicken xacuti, chicken cafreal, shark ambot.

8. International Mango festival
The international Mango festival is a paradise for Mango lovers. The festival is open for mango lovers to fill their desire of having juicy mango as much as they can. Best chosen mangoes are collected from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

Location: Dilli Haat Janakpuri, proposed festival date 9th June to 10th June.

Attraction: different recipes of juicy mango. You can also visit the local attractions of Delhi and Old Delhi.

Best time to visit: October to March

Best for shopping during the festival: street shopping in Sarojini nagar, shopping in Delhi Haat, shopping in Janpath market

Festival cuisine: Paratha, chaat, butter chicken, kebab, chole bhature, biryani, nihari

9. Ganga Dussehra
Ganga Dussehra is a Hindu religion festival related to mythology, spiritual and the cultural. Ganga Dussehra is a festival devoted to Goddess Ganga. It is believed that on this day, Ganga came down to earth after getting pleased by the prayer of Bhagiratha. It is celebrated in June and Hindu devotee take a holy dip in the holy river Ganga.

Location: Rishikesh, Haridwar, Varanasi, Allahabad

Attraction: Ganga aarti, holy bath

Best time to visit: throughout the year

Best for shopping during the festival: idols, jewelry, handicrafts

Festival cuisine: chaat, chole bahture, masal chai, poori sabji

10. Rath Yatra
The most awaited festival in India is Rath Yatra which is held in June in Puri in Orissa. Lord Jagannath and his brother and sister Lord Balram and Goddess Subhadra are taken out from the temple in a decorated chariot as a procession in the city from the temple to Gundicha temple.

Location: Puri in Orissa

Attraction: Jagannath temple, Gundicha temple, Ramachandi temple, Swargdwar road

Best time to visit: July to March

Best for shopping during the festival: handicraft collection, shells and oyster items, decorative pieces in textiles.

Festival cuisine: temple Prasad, fish and seafood, rice dishes, dal and curries


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