Golden temple a must tour in India for 10 reasons

Punjab the land of five rivers is known for captivating beauty and colorful culture, but it's one of the city Amritsar is known for its very famous Holy and sacred Harminder Sahib popular as Golden Temple. Here the word Golden is not just for its beauty, but for the temple which is actually built of pure gold.

The Sikh pilgrim from all over India surely makes their trip to Golden temple as for their sacred worship place. The Golden temple with its immense beauty also gives a spiritual feeling and the devotee coming here finds immense peace and spirituality in the air.

10 reasons to plan for the golden temple tour-

  1. Huge entrance giving breath taking view of Harminder Sahib

    The Harminder Sahib or Golden temple is a holy place and even the premises utters the message of its holy attraction. The entrance gates are white marble and passing through the gates gives a small glimpse of the golden dome of the temple, giving an absolutely one of the first reason to visit this temple of Amritsar.
  2. Find the message of Sikh guru and about Sikhism

    The Sikh guru preaches to be always humble and brave to help the needy. The Sikh community in India is known for its own tradition and culture and Punjab is the state following Sikhism. The temple premises have Sikh devotee who works there serving people.
  3. Feel the Holy Spirit

    If you are traveler who have planned for Harmandir Sahib, just to explore its adorable beauty, then also you can get drained into the spiritual air because of the air of spirituality in the temple and its premises.
  4. Feel the peace

    The premises of the temple gives calming effect and people coming here finds immense pleasure of peace. You can sit and enjoy some silence moment of your life.
  5. Adorable beauty of the dome

    The inner temple is a simple undefined, beauty which makes travelers speechless in wonder. A strict discipline is followed in the premises of Golden temple to give entry to the people in the inner hall of the temple. The sacred temple gives a special spiritual feeling.
  6. Langar

    The Sikh community believes in serving humanity and here in the temple every day Langar is prepared which serves more than 75000 people every day. The people who do not have penny or want to enjoy the Prasad of the temple must sit and eat langar.
  7. Enjoy your sleep in the temple

    The temple has the province of accommodation of travelers in its dormitory for the people who desires to spend their night watching the beauty of golden temple for maximum of time.
  8. Meet locals

    The Holy premises of the temple welcomes people from all across the India as well world and welcome whole heartedly. The locals here serve people and works as a volunteer in the temple assigned with different duties just for serving humanity to teach people about the preaching lessons of Sikhs. Meeting with locals will surely change your view of humanity.
  9. Sunrise and sunset at Golden temple

    Golden temple is a temple of white marble and the golden dome. The sunrise time gives the best red color to the temple and an amazing view of the temple in the water. The sunset brings flooding light and sparkles the beauty of the temple to another level.
  10. Respect the rules of premises

    While you visit the golden temple you must be prepared to follow the rules and respect the laws of the temple. It is a place of great significance for Holy tour, so you must be colored in the color of tradition and culture followed here to get the permission for entering the premises.

Golden temple of Amritsar can be added into your Golden triangle tour or you can separately for the tour. It is best to visit the temple during winter season, so plan for the destination and book your tour to witness, Holy and sacred place to meet your spiritual soul.


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