Amritsar a city in Punjab is recognized popularly because of Golden Temple, which is the most dignified temple in India. Either its be Jalianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919, or Operation Blue Star during the Emergency of Indira Gandhi in 1984; Amritsar has witnessed many bad days and the city is the soul of several martyrs. You can experience the historic importance, the culture and religious pilgrim in Amritsar.


The city is purposeful for the tour as for its attractions, and some famous tourist places which are close to Amritsar like Wagha Border. If we talk about its pilgrim aspect, it is a devoted land of Sikh community and Golden Temple is one of the famous Sikh pilgrim centers in India.

Amritsar is a famous trading center of Punjab, and also a spiritual land which gives tourists a feel of spirituality and offers a journey to the path of silence and peace. Once you visit to Golden Temple, you will feel a special charm and inner soul silence in this spiritual land. The city is famous for handicrafts and handlooms as unique in the city. Shopping, fun, historic saga, and spiritual influence of the temple everything makes the city a perfect material to experience Amritsar.

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