A” Rally For Rivers”; mass awareness event took place in over 60 cities across India. Lacs of people participated in the event from different locations of different cities. The event is an effort to:

  • Make everyone aware about the crisis our rivers are facing.
  • To gain public support to protect the rivers.
  • To create the awareness regarding the importance of rivers.

The rally is brought together by leading actors of cinema, cricketers, and politicians for an environmental initiative. The campaign is organized by spiritual guru ”Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev”.

Rally for Rivers Jaipur

Rally for Rivers Jaipur

Union environment, forest, and climate change minister; Harsh Vardhan Singh, cricketer; Virendra Sehwag, Indian women’s cricket team captain; Mitali Raj, car racer; Narayan Kartikeyan flagged off the nationwide campaign initiated by Isha Foundation.

The event held on September 3, in Coimbatore where river Noyyal is dying a slow death. The rally was flagged off from Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore on September 3 and will culminate on October 2 at Delhi covering 13 states and 21 major cities.

Rally for Rivers, Hawamahal, Jaipur

Rally for Rivers, Hawamahal, Jaipur

Sadhguru himself will personally drive from one end to another end of the country to spread awareness as well as to offer solutions for the problems.

The campaign aims to bring a policy change at the national level to save the rivers respectfully. As Indian rivers are undergoing a drastic change due to the spreading population, our rivers are getting depleted. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished and it clearly shows that there will be nothing left for future generations in the coming decades. As it is creating the condition of a crisis in the peripheral zones of the country the perennial rivers have become seasonal. The River Ganga has been named as one of the world’s most endangered river. Every major river in India has undergone reduced water levels. As compared to 1947, India has about 75% lesser water per person available today.

The Narmada, Kaveri, Krishna rivers do not reach the sea for months of the year. The amount of water, as well as the rate of flow, is being decreasing. According to a recent survey, it is being observed that 25 percent of Indian land area is converting into deserts, so, ”This is not a protest, this is not an agitation; this is a campaign to raise awareness about our depleting rivers”.

The organizers have made sure that the event is fun and entertaining for a maximum number of people to show up along the way and all the major stops celebrations will be seen. Events like cultural fests, musical concerts, nukad natak, paintings, handicrafts and public sessions have been organized by the associated foundation.

Also, the journalists, politicians, villagers, farmers, and more are expected to turn up the event and contribute in the way they can.


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