Goa is more than just crowded beaches and beer. From sunburn to International Film festival, Goa has many fairs and festivals in its bucket every year. You can’t deny that Goa, by itself, is one long festival.

Konkani Drama Festival

Konkani Drama Festival (Source: Goadelight.com)

Goa is also famous for its various works of art including singing, drama, dance, painting and verse that are generally refreshing and worshiped in the nation. Goa is a host to many winter festivals. You can be a part of Goan festivities like the Goa Heritage Festival, Feast of the Three Kings, International Film Festival of India, the Konkani Drama Festival and feel the joy and frolic that happens in it.

The Drama Festival and the Teatro Festival that observes Goan society and illustrates traditions are also celebrated in the Kala Academy. The Konkani Drama Festival is usually held in the month of November-December and celebrated for 5 days in Panaji. It is a unique celebration of Konkani music, dance, and theatre held at the Kala Academy. The festival begins at night with the goal that everyone after their busy working lives can attend the celebration and re-energize with the melodies and rhythm.

In the Konkani Drama celebration travelers from around the globe come to Goa to become the part of it as it is organized by the Goa Kala Academy, where a large group of artists from the whole way across the nation showcase their ability and skills. Different social celebrations happen all round the year in the magnificently designed Kala Academy of the Goa consistently in Goa. Kala Academy is situated on the banks of the Mandovi stream in Panaji in Goa.

Best time to visit Goa is in between November-December. You can plan your trip with Maharaja Trails in such a way that you can be a part of some of the fascinating feasts of Goa too. Visit the different venues of this festival to get closer to the culture of this vibrant destination.


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