Leh and Ladakh are the popular tourist destinations in India for adventure travelers and family tours. Bet, you’ll spend some memorable times with near and dear ones on the valley tour.

The tour has many hidden wonders to explore. Also popularly known as the ‘Land of High Passes’, the enchanting valley of Leh and Ladakh is blessed with splendid tourist locations that keep tourists captivated and delightful.

The perfect scenic landscape in the Leh and Ladakh valley is the ideal spot for a family get together as they look forward to indulging in amazing outings, adventure activities, wildlife and Jeep Safaris, local sightseeing, motor biking, and river rafting and so on. The well informed local guides take you through every inch of the region thereby enlightening you with tons of information about the place.

Leh and Ladakh are home to countless monasteries that are marked by splendid pieces of architecture that speak volume of the local Buddhist culture that is prominent in the region. These monasteries, or ‘Gompas, like they are popularly called, overlook the enchanting valleys and reflect the beauty of Leh and Ladakh in its truest sense.

The local food that the beautiful valley of Leh and Ladakh has to offer is quite a stunner. The region is blessed with some amazing local delicacies that are loved by tourists and served by the local inhabitants with utmost care, reflecting on their amazing hospitality. One can indulge in local India, Tibetan and Continental cuisines with their family members with dishes like Thukpa, or local noodles, steamed dumplings and butter tea being the star highlights of the entire Leh and Ladakh trip.

The continuous climatic variation of Leh and Ladakh is also something that entices tourists every year. The summers are hot and humid, with dry winds flowing at high speed. While the winters, that begin from the months of September and goes up to the months of January, is accompanied by cold and dry climate, making it the best weather for tourists to flock in large numbers and visit the beautiful locales.

In the nut shell, Leh and Ladakh are the ultimate tourist destination that offers tons of sightseeing places and adventure for people to explore and make their trip worth remembering for.

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