7 Reasons to Visit Kumbh Mela, Prayag Raj

"Gange Cho Yamune Chaew Godavari Saraswati" the holy Ganga mantra I think it's a perfect line to start this blog. India, a country believes in Indian mythology, culture, and tradition. The land of the river is worshipped and adores Ganga as a Holy river.

People believe in the Ganga and adores it like a Goddess, giving all respect and prayer offerings. Indian start their morning enchanting Ganga mantra and Ganga Aarti. Ganga originates from the Himalayas and crosses through the North East States and gets mixed up in the Bay of Bengal.

The North East city of the India Prayag Raj and Varanasi are noted as the holiest city of India and its history says that these two cities are the oldest one in the entire world. Incredible India celebrates many festivals and fair, but one of the grand festival as per Indian mythology is Kumbh Mela. The Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest Indian mythology fair conducted for ‘Nirvana' which is celebrated on the bank of river Ganga.

Dating back into Hindu mythology there is a story which says that before the world and life on earth came into existence, there was a war conducted between two groups; demon and God.

The demon and God conducted tug of war to churn the ocean with five headed snake and the fight was for immortality. A pot of Amrit Kalash was obtained lastly and it was the main reason of war. God never wanted to give it to demons, and they ran away with the pot due to which few drops of Amrit get poured at Nashik, Ujjain, Haridwar, and Prayag Raj.

After every 12 years, the Kumbh Mela is celebrated and randomly the four cities are selected for the Kumbh Mela fair. This 2019 will be known for the Kumbh Mela celebration and Prayag Raj will be the host.

This holy festival calls Hindu pilgrim and devotees to gather up and take a dip in the Ganges to wash out their sins and attain ‘Nirvana'. Kumbh Mela is a big cultural festival for Hindus celebrated at a time interval of every 12 years and millions of pilgrims participate in this fair.

Reasons to visit Kumbh Mela-

The Kumbh Mela is recognized as an international fair and it not only attracts Hindu devotee but also attracts travelers from all across the globe. It is true, that many international travelers wait for the year as the Kumbh Mela year to plan an India tour. Some of the interesting facts, making Kumbh Mela a reason to visit-


  1. Take a sacred bath- the bath during the Kumbh Mela gives a sacred bath and washes away the sin. Goddess Ganga blesses the devotee taking bath with good fortune and health.
  2. Experience a life in a tent- it becomes hard for the government to accommodate every traveler into hotels, lodges or any private property. during the Kumbh Mela millions of devotees gather up and tents are placed for the accommodation of Sadhus, saints, and devotee coming for Kumbh Mela. It is completely your choice to book private luxury hotels, but also it is an option to spend a night in tents.
  3. Get enlighten and explore your spiritual feeling- During the Kumbh Mela many attractions like Yoga, meditation are arranged for the recreation and rejuvenation. You will surely find immense peace and pleasure of enlightening.
  4. Explore Hindu rituals- Sadhus and saints take a first dip and the gather up altogether for enchanting the Holy mantra. The Sadhus and saints also play a sport of Dangal and Akhada which is a kind of gesture to celebrate Kumbh Mela.
  5. Witness unique Naga Sadhus and saints- the Naga Sadhu belongs to the community of those Sadhu who remains naked, and do not put any cloth over their body. The Saints and sadhus put ash powder over their body and put yellow and white colored Chandan over the forehead having tangled hair. The Naga Sadhu majorly participate in the Kumbh Mela and they come in front of the world during this time.
  6. Witness the human gathering- During the Kumbh Mela people from every corner of the world gather up and it is the time where you can witness people gathering up in huge mass just because of faith in God and their culture.
  7. Believe your wish will come true- the it is believed that all your wish come true if you take a holy bath in Kumbh Mela.

This January in 2019 is going to celebrate the biggest cultural and mythological festival in Prayag Raj and participate in this festival to explore yourself and meet your soul. The spiritual tour of Kumbh Mela is waiting for your participation and giving you many facts to explore of about this Indian festival.


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