10 things absolutely never to do in Goa

Goa is the most chosen destination for New Year plan and party making. Beaches of Goa, and cottages are booked for the travelers who have already planned to land in Goa for Chirstmas and New Year celebration. The planning of Goa tour fills the travelers with enthusiasm and charm to enjoy sand, surf and beaches to make a lifetime experience.

Wait travelers! Before you are set in Goa, you must know about some dark side of the destination which will make awareness for your safety and happy tour.

  1. Always use prepaid taxi

    If you are in Goa airport or railway station, you must be crowded with many of the taxi drivers offering their taxi for the service. Never hire any taxi which is not pre-paid. If you hire those taxis you will be robbed for paying double the amount as the fare to the destination.
  2. Littering on beaches

    If you are on the beach, you must be careful with depositing any garbage and making your place dirty. Beaches of Goa are adored for its white sand and beauty but the litters on the beach makes the ambience and beauty dirty and unpleasant.
  3. Don't carry much of the wealth

    Goa is the destination where you never know how many eyes are watching you? Never carry an excess of wealth and cash with you, so that you don't come into eyes of snatcher or any thief.
  4. Photographs of any unknown

    Photography is exclusive in Goa and you can't resist yourself taking pictures of Goa into your lens. Beware while taking the photographs about capturing only the beauty of Goa not any unknown or stranger.
  5. Staring

    The beaches of Goa are a place enjoyed by different kind of women travelers wearing their own kind of comfortable outfit. Sitting on the beaches and staring at any particular women is seriously not allowed.
  6. Never come out topless

    This is exclusively for women and girls who come to Goa for beaches. Goa is not so broad minded that they will welcome such kind of topless scene. Respecting the Indian culture and for your own safety never go topless in public beaches.
  7. Do not buy T-shirts having slogans on Goa

    In Goa you will find many sellers selling T-shirts written 'I love you Goa' and many other slogans and quotes on Goa. Never buy such T-shirts as the locals dislike such acts and such kind of T-shirts.
  8. Chance of being looted

    Goa is the destination which surrounds you with such people who always look for a chance to rob you. They keep on offering you the cheapest accommodation, food and party place; keep yourself away from these people and save your money.
  9. Never risk yourself in water sports

    Every water sport for the travelers is allowed only after a short training. If you think that you can manage the fun without any training and will prove brilliant in the activity. Please never try this with confidence and take any sport as a granted.
  10. Overdose of Alcohol

    Goa offers beer and many alcohols at cheap rates, but as per the law and order of the government, never overdose yourself to get yourself into the trouble by any anti social element or legal issue.

Now time make a plan to enjoy holiday at Goa, so book now Goa tour with Golden triangle cities - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur.


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