Do you think desert only mean dry brown sands flowing with the warm winds throughout? If yes, this piece of the blog shall put a little more insights to your definition of Deserts. Apart from the Great Indian Desert in India, our country is home to a few coolest deserts whose sight is breath-taking and an excursion to these areas will be a great lifetime experience.

All of these deserts are originated in different ways and are home to different flora and fauna. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Ladakh – the coldest desert in the world
Ladakh is known as the roof of the world and it was open to tourists from the last decade only. This highland is the bridge between the sky and the earth. Ladakh is a place of natural wonders, where the burning sun and freezing breeze go hand in hand; it is a landscape of extreme deserts and azure waters.

Ladakh is the world of ancient culture and people. When you reach this highland you will not find any similarity among the people you left behind. It is a different world within this world. Ladakh is best known for its trekking activities. The best time to visit is from June – October. After the month of November, most of the trekking routes are closed due to heavy snowfall.

Desert Mountain Valley of Lahaul and Spiti

A cold desert amidst the Himalayas is one of the coldest deserts in the world. It is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place is marked by heavy snowfall during the winter and thus it cuts itself from the rest of the world for eight months of the year. This is one of the most beautiful deserts in India one can visit.

The Runn of Kutch – White Salt Desert

It is a charismatic land which is home to many birds species. The Runn of Kutch is located in the westernmost part of the state of Gujarat in India. This land was submerged in the Arabian Sea and some drastic changes in the seabed cut this land out of the sea leaving behind a large salty land behind. You can see nothing but white sand everywhere till your sight reaches. The land features the festival called Rann Utsav every year. Although it is a dead land, it is home to amazing and rich wildlife. The salt desert in one of the popular tourist destinations in India.

The Great Thar Desert

The last but not the least we talk of the Great Indian Desert. The Thar Desert is the 7th largest desert in the world. In India, this is the most visited desert through the Jaisalmer gateway. People from around the world come here for a marvelous camel ride and Jeep safaris amidst the dry sands of the desert. The sight of sand dunes along with the lifestyle of people is just amazing. It is amazing to see how people manage their life in such harsh living conditions.


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