Street delights of Varanasi giving tasteful option of 15 foods

Hindu heartland 'Varanasi' is known for the land of Hindu mythology and culture, but the heart of every Indian throbs for many other reasons. The Ganga ghats, the culture, temples, spiritual influence, Ganga Aarti, the boat ride and many other reasons are the colors of Varanasi. Tempting cuisines of Varanasi are something which is really very tempting and mouth watering. Travelers coming to Varanasi explore the daily life and cultural aspect of the city, but morning starts with deep fried Kachori and sweet Rabri and lassi whereas the evening is all about hot Samosa and the night also ends with tasty Paratha's.

15 Street foods a must one to try in Varanasi-


  • Kachori Sabzi
    Indian kachori and if it is exclusively about Varanasi, these are deep fried having the masala stuff of some kind of dal and mix of potatoes with some spices. The Kachori when served with Sabzi gives a heavenly combination two different spicy mixture.
  • Channa Dahi Bada
    Channa dahi Bada is something very exclusive mixture of yogurt and deep fried bada. The pulse is soaked and crushed into batter for bada and it is dipped into yoghurt with rock salt, green chutney, roasted cumin powder, roasted coriander powder and chaat masala.
  • Safed Makhan Toast
    The Safed Makhan toast is a bread baked over the coal and added with fresh butter to give a best taste with morning tea. This kind of bread baked over the coal is an exclusive taste of Varanasi.
  • Thandai
    Thandai is a very special drink prepared with milk and different flavors. Served in a clay pot, the Thandai gives an awesome flavor and taste. The flavors depend upon the seasonal fruit, but Kesariya Thandai is very common and best one to taste.
  • Laaiya Channa
    The mouth watering Laaiya Channa is prepared with boiled chana and potatoes mixed and loaded with spices, onions, chat masala, green chutney and tomatoes. It is served in a leaf plate and tastes the best of chaat exclusive.
  • Chooda Matar
    It is just like Poha, but prepared in exclusive Banarasi style. The Chooda Matar is mixed with green peas and lots of other flavor to make it Varanasi special. Travelers can enjoy it as an evening snack.
  • Launglata
    Launglata is something very special sweet of Varanasi prepared special flavors of saffron, elaichi and pistachios. Launglata is filled with mawa and dipped into sugar syrup to give it the taste of Varanasi exclusive.
  • Baati Chokha
    Baati chokha is something very special cuisine and tempting. It is a baked dish with having the filling of spicy sattu which is a roasted grind of chana. It is served with boiled potatoes and baked brinjal and the baked Baati is dipped in pure ghee making the dish a perfect cuisine to taste in Varanasi.
  • Malaiyyo
    Malaiyyo is a very special drink prepared with flavor of saffron and cardamom and served in earthen cup. It is very light and gives the best taste of milk mixed with different flavors.
  • Dahi Chutney wale Gol Gappe
    The tempting Gol Gappe is crushed and filled with spicy chat and yogurt with chutney, spices, onions and sprinkled chaat masala. The spicy herb and combination of spicy makes the chaat a sweet one and special sweet version of Gol gappe.
  • Rabri Malai Lassi
    The Rabri Malai Lassi is one of the best sweet Lassi in India. The Lassi is overloaded with thick curd and Malai and lots of dry fruits. The Rabri Malai Lassi is served with different flavors and delights of dry fruits.
  • Tamatar chaat
    The Tamatar chaat is an exclusive chaat of Varanasi prepared with boiled potatoes and tomato loaded with ginger, green chili and lots of mixed spices. A best of the chaat in Varanasi.
  • Banarasi Pan
    Banarasi Pan is something very special welcome treat popular all across the globe. The combination of various betel nuts and mouth fresheners of different flavors are combined in a pan to give amazing mouth freshener pan.
  • Kulhad Chaai
    The Kulhad chaai is a very special chai in Varanasi served in Kulhad. The chai are of many kinds like masala chai, ginger and cardamom chai served in kulhad.
  • Buniya Buniya is a sweet treat in Varanasi which is also used as Prasad in temples to offer to devotees. Buniya is a perfect choice for the travelers who like to have something special sweet in Varanasi.



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