India heads luxury cruise Angria between Mumbai and Goa

Pristine beaches of Goa are bubbly. Yet, if anyone is searching for serenity he or she must unquestionably consider Holidays at still shores Goa. There is a treat for travel aficionados! Your much loved holiday destination is now accessed on a luxury cruise from Mumbai.

This trance spun into actuality when the country's first luxury sail went underway its operation from the last weekend of October. The cruise named Angria began on Mumbai-Goa sea route. So, no bumpy road trips any more or expensive flight, you can have pompous travel to Goa.

The cruise Angria was named after the last name of the first Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre.

With the launch of Angria cruise domestic travelers too will get the experience the concept of luxury.

The government of India has been very proactive in introducing innovative concepts to promote tourism. Government’s Sagarmala Project is an ambitious project under which a luxury cruise is planned.

Inside Angria
It is a treat to be on-board. Angria has 104 chambers, allocated into eight segments. While there are premium rooms and luxury suites, the great dormitory suffices bigger troupes. This enables travelers to select the best one as per your budget, and the number of members in the family or group.

The underwater luxury rooms of Angria elevate the adventure. Alongside the ship features:

  • Six bars
  • Two Restaurants
  • Swimming pool
  • Discotheque
  • Reading room, and
  • Spa

The ship can provide lodging to about 400 passengers and 70 crew fellows.

There will be to and fro four trips between Mumbai and Goa per week.

Price: Rs. 7,000-12,000 per person

The Managing Director Captain Nitin Dhond and Chairman Kiran Thakur are key controllers of Angria.

Kiran Thakur quoted “This is not just a journey, it's an experience”. The joy is profound and vivid as you cross Mumbai skyline. The entire journey of 14 hours lets you enjoy the cool breeze coming from the Sea. You can enjoy the company of zillion stars glittering in dark hours from the ship deck as well.


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