Golden Triangle tour a journey to three segments of Indian culture

India the country was once noted as 'Golden bird' and it was the golden time of the country and it was ruled by Rajput and Mughal rulers. The history of India is very old and it is from Before Christ era, and since then the country has been through many changes like changing of rulers, changing of dynasties and time period. The life in India is now a modern lifestyle, but Indians still follow the old culture and tradition and it gives a meaningful India tour as a heritage tour.

Golden triangle tour to India is a meaningful tour for exploring the three major segments; History, heritage, culture and wonder in India. The tour circuit is for exclusive North East destinations; Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur the perfect destination to serve all three stated beauty folds of the country. The Mughals have gone, the Rajputs have also gone, the rule of King is now undertaken by the democratic government, but the old culture, tradition and their built monuments are still preserved with pride as our heritage monuments in these cities.

Delhi the heartland of India
Delhi the capital city of India is known for as a ruling city since ancient history. Delhi is known as the current political city of India divided into two parts; Old Delhi and New Delhi. The Old Delhi is known for its own historic influence and New Delhi is for the modern lifestyle and as Lutyens City. If we talk about Delhi as for tourism it is the first city of India to visit and enjoy the colorful lifestyle and different heritage architecture from the Mughals, British Era, and Rajputana architecture.

Top attractions-

  • Red Fort- Red Fort in Old Delhi is one of the jewel monuments in Delhi. The red sandstone monument was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and the premises of Red Fort is every year decorated on 15th of August and 26th of January to celebrate Indian festivals and address the nation. Red Fort is interesting to explore for its segment like; Diwan-i-am, Diwan-i-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, Moti Masjid; which has once witnessed the hustle and bustle of its time.
  • Humayun's Tomb- it is one of the finest heritage monument which is spectacular to visit. It is a tomb dedicated to King Humayun built by his son Akbar.
  • Qutub Minar- Qutub Minar is one of the tallest minarets in the world and built of seven floors. The Qutub Minar is the sign of victory of the rulers ruling over Delhi. Seven different rulers have given Qutub Minar a floor and now serving travelers the best place to explore.
  • Lotus Temple- Lotus temple gives a look of opening petals of the lotus flower and it is a perfect example of modern architecture. The premise is a beautiful garden and the hall is for silent prayer.
  • Akshardham temple- Akshardham temple is the very new and best example of Indian beauty and its architecture. The temple lights up in the night with various colors and fountains. The travelers surely enjoy a visit to Akshardham Temple, dedicated to the Swami Narayan temple.
  • India Gate- India Gate is the monument dedicated to brave Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the war. It is a great place to overlook President house and Parliament House, enjoying a green garden.

Markets for Shopaholic-

  • Connaught Place- the Connaught place is a very popular market in Delhi called CP. The market complex was designed during the time of British rule and its architecture is a glimpse of British architecture.
  • Chandini Chowk- it is the heritage market designed and built by Shah Jahan and very close to Red Fort in Old Delhi. It is one of the best market places, having lots of options to purchase different items. The market is a great option to enjoy street food.
  • Sarojini Nagar- Sarojini Nagar market is the first choice for the youths of Delhi to explore the latest fashion arrivals at an affordable rate. You can have a bag full of shopping here at an easy rate.
  • Lajpat Nagar Market- Lajpat Nagar market is a great shopping option for buyers who can spend some heavy bucks. It is a costly one but has lots of options to shop and fill your shopping bag.

Places to eat-
Delhi is one of the best places to taste mouth-watering street food, Mughal cuisines, and Punjabi taste delicacies. The city has lots of restaurants and hotels serving special taste, but there are some exclusive foods which should not be missed; Chole Kulcha, Aloo Paratha, Chaat, Kababs. Best places to check out-

  • Chandini Chowk
  • Parathe Wali Gali
  • Khan Market
  • Hauz Khas
  • Connaught Place

Best time to visit-
The summers in Delhi are quite hot, so it is not the best time to visit Delhi. The season from October to March is noted as the best time to visit Delhi because of its cool temperature.

Agra the Mughal city
The ruling city of Mughal dynasty is Agra as Mughal capital. The beauty of Agra city located on the bank of Yamuna gives the view of perfect Mughal architecture. The city welcomes travelers with the glimpse of Agra Fort and platter of various Mughal cuisines. Agra is the destination of love emblem Taj Mahal a masterpiece built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. It is one of the seven wonders in the world built of white marble and a perfect example of Arabic art and Mughal architecture.

Top attractions-

  • Agra Fort- Agra Fort is one of the famous attractions in Agra which was once used to be the royal place of ruling Mughals. The monument is built of red sandstone. Travelers can visit the fort and its premises to witness its majestic glory and royal time.
  • Taj Mahal- Taj Mahal is the major attraction in the entire world. It is a monument describing the poetic love of an emperor for his wife like a dream making true. The mausoleum is the finest example of Mughal art. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of this masterpiece at extreme on a full moon day and during the rising sun.
  • Fatehpur Sikri- Fatehpur Sikri was the city built by Akbar at it serves as the capital city of his ruling kingdom. The Fatehpur Sikri is near to Agra and gives many things to explore from history.

Markets for Shopaholic-

  • Sadar Bazaar- Agra is famous for leather good and leather market. The Sadar Bazaar is the best option to look for handicrafts and leather goods.
  • Kinaari Bazaar- Kinaari Bazaar is an exclusive jewel market and has many shops as a seller of jewelry.

Places to eat-

  • Agra is a delight of Mughal cuisine and other street foods. It is the place where you can start your day with Kachori and Jalebi while evening will fill you with Mughlai Paratha and Kababs.
  • Agra also welcomes the travelers for a special sweet treat as Petha. The Petha of Agra is available in different flavors to give a perfect flavored sweet treat for the people coming to Agra.

Best time to visit-
The best time to visit Agra is again noted from October to March because of favorable temperature.

Jaipur the cultural city of Royal land
Jaipur the Pink City is also the cultural land of Royal legacy. The city is decorated with the beauty of heritage monuments from the Rajput ruling period. The city has a mixed color of modern and ancient lifestyle. The city has many of the painted colorful gates and walls in Pink and gives the name of the city as Pink city. Every beauty of the city takes you back to the royal time of Rajput ruling in this princely state.

Top attractions-

  • Hawa Mahal- Hawa Mahal is located in the middle of the city having numerous small windows built in 18th century exclusively for Royal ladies to give them exposure of city life and fairs and festivals of the city especially Gangaur.
  • City Palace- the City Palace is very close to Hawa Mahal and still as the royal palace for the existing royal family in Jaipur. The palace is now divided into four major parts among which one is reserved as a royal palace and remaining part as a museum. The palace premises also have marketing complexes.
  • Amber Fort- Amber Fort is a picturesque fort located in the Aravali Hills giving a perfect view to Maota Lake and Jaipur city. It is an exclusive hilltop palace giving a wonderful time in its museum and premises.
  • Jaigarh Fort- Jaigarh Fort is located on top of the Aravali hills and it is the palace as a house of Jaiwan canon and museums of canons and arms.
  • Nahargarh Fort- the fort is located at the height of Aravali hill and is surrounded by dense forest, which was the favorite hunting ground of the royals. The fort was a residence for the Royals on the mission of hunting.
  • Jal Mahal- Jal Mahal is a palace which is half submerged in Man Sagar Lake. It is really a beautiful attraction for the travelers, giving palace in the middle of the Lake as a floating palace.
  • Jantar Mantar- Jantar Mantar is an observatory which was built by Jai Singh for the calculation and prediction of stars and astrology.

Markets for Shopaholic-
Jaipur market is known for handicrafts and textiles. You can have endless shopping of fine masterpieces in Jaipur at a very low price perhaps you must be smart in bargaining.

  • Johari Bazaar- it is a jewel market of the city where you can buy gemstones and exclusive Rajasthani designed jewelry having the artwork of Kundan, Meena, Polki and much more.
  • Bapu Bazaar- an exclusive market of the city known for textile shops and lots more at an easy price.

Places to eat-

Jaipur is a city, giving you a taste and delight of spicy food and street food. The Mirchi Bada, Kachori with curry, namkeen and very special Dal Bati Churma makes it demanding in Jaipur.

The best place to enjoy different foods with lots of attractions and a glimpse of the culture of Rajasthan is Chokhe Dhani.

Best time to visit-
Summers remain quite hot in Rajasthan and thus best time to plan for Jaipur is from October to March.

It is the high time to book for Golden triangle tour package and visit the three prime destinations of North East India and explore all its beauty and attractions.


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