Forming a beautiful part of Kerala, Pulikali is a brilliant art form that exhibits the vibrant colors of God’s own Country. A recreational folk art turned into festival, bringing out the best of Kerala’s cultural magnificence, has managed to gain attention of the global audience. In fact, people coming to visit Kerala in the South Indian month of Chingam should not leave back without watching a stupendous art form. Pulikali literally means “the play of tigers”, which signifies the thematic presentation of the spectacular dance form.

Pulikali Kerala - Dance Performer

Pulikali – Dance Performer

Why Celebrate Pulikali:

Basically stating, Pulikali is celebrated on the 4 th day of Onam festival. As known to the global people, Onam festival is celebrated in the name of harvesting, which turns out to be a 4 to 5 days long program. In this festival, the visitors get to have a glimpse of festive attractions and people dance to the folk music played around in the processions. As a recreational art form, it is celebrated only in the Kerala state of India and carried out by trained artists for sure. Obviously, watching Pulikali procession is an amazing festival to follow during Onam.

Attraction of the Pulikali Occasion:

The most attractive thing about Pulikali is that men tend to paint their bodies like a tiger; yellow, black stripes, red and white. Indeed, the make-up is so wonderful and gracious that they look literally ferocious. As Pulikali means “the Dance of the Tiger”, men taking part in the procession exhibit tiger hunting scenes. Though, Pulikali performances can be witnessed in numerous parts of Kerala; but, Thrissur holds lead in the number of performances conducted.

Pulikali Tiger Dance

Pulikali, Kerala Tiger Dance

How to Celebrate Pulikali:

In order to enjoy the full glory of Pulikali, one has to ask the travel agent about exact dates and book a suitable tour package for Kerala excursion. The performance showcases tiger dancers reacting to the hunter’s moves in a beautiful form with percussions played at the background to add a voluminous touch to the complete event.


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