The Tribal festival of Keylong, Himachal Pradesh

The Tribe festival of Keylong is one of the most awesome celebrations I have heard of. In the Lahaul and Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh you might notice the celebrations with tremendous pomp and wonder from 14th to 16th of August. This Tribal fair of Keylong correlates with the celebrations of the Freedom Day. Individuals […]

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Teej Festival

Teej Festival – the splendor of celebration

What a glee moment to be a part of deep rooted traditional Teej festival of Rajasthan! Teej greet the monsoon and is observed in the Hindu month of Shravan. The monsoon rains fall on the parched land and the pleasurable scent of the wet soil rises into the air. There are three Teej festivals in […]

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Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel fair is one of the top events held in India in the Rajasthan. It is usually held in each November and it starts from Full moon day of Kartik month, according to Hindu customs. The event is a spectacular one and you will be happy to know that lots of people from different […]

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Kutch Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav 2015 Festivity at its brilliance, the Kutch Rann Utsav is known for vibrant use of colors, display of crafts and extensive merry making. Gujarat is the desert land and manages to exhibit its splendid beauty through this exotic Kutch Rann festival that has attracted numerous tourists since its start. Indeed, the tourists can […]

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