Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel fair is one of the top events held in India in the Rajasthan. It is usually held in each November and it starts from Full moon day of Kartik month, according to Hindu customs. The event is a spectacular one and you will be happy to know that lots of people from different part of the nation and from different nations also gathers to get the sight of the fair held in Pushkar. Although known as camel fair, horses and other cattle too gather there for buying and selling. More than 4,00,000 people congregate on the event to get a sight of the fair. The fair extends till fourteen days and tentatively this year it will be starting from 18th of November. You will feel wonderful to know that in the fair more than 11 thousand camels are kept and sold, only on this event. The best prices are allotted there and you can even bargain a lot on the rates. The location of the fair, i.e. Pushkar is a religious town situated 14 kilometers from the city of Ajmer. Those who do not know the loca


Date :    12 April 2018

Place :    Pushkar

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    White Rann Resort, White Dessert Road, Dhordo, Gujarat 370510


The Pushkar fair is not the only attractive thing in the city. There are several other things in the temple city to be visited. Here are the top places to see in Pushkar that you must not miss:

  1. Pushkar Lake is one of the holiest place for Hindu

  2. Do not miss the Holy Brahma Temple

  3. Savitri Temple is one of the best attractions of the city

  4. Rangji Temple is a major draw

  5. Warah Temple is another holy temple that you must watch

  6. Apteshwar temple, built in 12th century is a rare one

  7. Visit Ajmer from the city in the middle of the fair

  8. Get to the Ajmer fort

  9. Find the attractive temples in the city

  10. Do not miss the Chandrabhaga temple


  • You can reach Pushkar through airport of Jaipur, Sanganer Airport. Distance from there is 148 kilometers only.
  • You can also get to the Ajmer, which is 11 kilometers from the Pushkar city.
  • Pushkar is located at the side of the national highway and that is the best route, you can avail.


 Pushkar and the fair there made it one of the top places of India and in fact it is one of the top Dhams of India. Among the top hotels, following are some of them.

  1. Pushkar Resort
  2. The Pushkar Bagh
  3. Green Park Resort
  4. P. Village Resort
  5. Sajjan Bagh Resort
  6. Jagat Palace
  7. Hotel Master Paradise
  8. Hotel Oasis
  9. Shyama Resort
  10. Hotel Peacock Resort
  11. Pushkar Villas Resort

More about Camel Fair

tion will be happy to know that at the time of fair, Rajasthan roadways, railways and private bus operators run special bus and train services in order to ease the crowd that assembles there from every corner of the world. Know the details of the celebration of the fair: Climate Info: The climatic condition of the place is on extreme. The summer temperature extends till 45 degree centigrade, while the winter temperature even falls below 10 degree Celsius. At the time of fair weather is perfect for the people around the world. You will love the cool breeze and the lovely cold climate in the month of November at the town. Duration: The fair starts form the full moon day in the month of November and extends for fourteen days. This year the date has been officially declared to be starting from 18th of November and it will be continuing till 25th of November. Fair Schedule: The fair starts from 14th November, when the camel herds are collected in the dunes of Pushkar. On 15th of the month and the second day, you can start your marketing and bargaining, but the camel herds will be still joining and increasing the amount. This is a holy day too, so take a bath in the Pushkar Lake and then join the fair. On 16th or the third day, the inspection of the camels’ starts and you can start making the purchase. On 17th and 18th you will be getting the best fare for the camels, since the amount of the herd collected reaches ate the maximum level and you can make the best of the profit. From 19th onwards, you will find that the crowd is increasing and there will be many programs arranged too for the fair. On 20th and 21st you will find that the streets and the temples are crowded with stalls and camels and many herds. From 21st and 24th of the month, the Chandrabhaga fair starts. On 25th the holy bath ends and the Chandrabhaga fair too. This is the day of the holy Hadoti, where the fair comes to an end for the year.