India is a place that speaks of magnificence in terms of natural beauties. In fact, it has some of the most stunning lakes surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty. Visit Indian Lakes and feel the essence of nature playing its part to spellbind the visitors. Certainly, it is the perfect getaway in summers to explore peace. As the summers start, people plan for foreign destination; but, Indian Lakes beauty is no less than the abroad because the nature looks gorgeous beyond imagination.

List of India Famous Lakes

  1. Chandra Tal Lake:
    Also famous as the Moon Lake and located at a height of 4300 meter above sea level, this natural magnificence is located between the Lahaul and Spiti range. The well-known fact about this lake is that it was discovered by the traders of Ladakh and Tibet who stayed here sometime while moving forward on Kullu-Spiti journey. Moreover, it is shaped like crescent moon and the water flows-in from Chandra River. Adding to the beauty of this lake is its crystal clear water that creates serene and peaceful environment. Plan to visit Chandra Tal lake in summer because its water freezes rest of the time. This lake is 6 km from Kumjum paas. Legends say that Lord Indra visited the place to take eldest Pandava, Yudhishter in his chariot. Locals say one can see fairies descending on earth here in the night, which makes the lake look more startling.Best time to visit: June to September
Chandra Tal Lake

Chandra Tal Lake