Pushkar a small town 11 km away from Ajmer in Rajasthan is a Holy land dedicated to Lord Brahma. The one and only Brahma temple in India is in Pushkar but this is not the limit of attraction, but it has much beautiful scenic beauty to surprise travelers. Camel fair and deserts make Pushkar a must destination to visit in Rajasthan. Ajmer and Pushkar are two names which are taken together in Rajasthan, but if we talk about Pushkar it hosts thousands of travelers every year to give a wonderful trip to explore the true culture and heritage tradition in the Princely State.

Pushkar has its deep connection with history and it gives a chance to the travelers to experience attractions; Pushkar Lake, Snake hill and exclusive Brahma Temple. The city gives entire beauty and glimpse of Rajasthan in a single city of sand dunes, camels, traditional clothing. At night you can enjoy folk music and dance. There are lots of stories about Pushkar some related to spiritual belief some from history. Plan for Pushkar to experience every shade and color of Rajasthan.

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