A small hill town located on the peak of Pir Panjal, in Himalayan ranges is none other than Gulmarg. A destination covered with snow and giving a scenic beauty as making a pleasure like ‘Paradise on Earth’ is just 58kms away from the state capital ‘Srinagar’. Gulmarg is noted as a paradise for skiers, trekking and lots more adventure making in the carpet of snow. The travelers coming in summer season will enjoy the comfortable cool climate and best destination as for making summer vacation. If we talk about honeymoon travelers, Gulmarg serves the best picturesque and makes a romantic ambience with its nature to adore best destination as for honeymoon throughout the year.


Gulmarg has its own contribution to the nature, snow and the valley and its location in western Himalayas; makes it a demanding tourist destination in Jammu & Kashmir. Winters in Gulmarg, gives you a carpet of snow and the temperature falls below zero degree. The experience of camping, skiing, trekking and lots more everything is here in Gulmarg. The golf course in Gulmarg is the world famous golf course and worth to visit during the trip. Reaching Gulmarg, travelers can enjoy sightseeing from Naga Parbat, noted as the fourth highest peak in the world. In short, Gulmarg is a complete package for enjoyment and adventure for the tasteful travelers throughout the year.

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