The city of Taj is romantic and thrilling too. The brilliance is onboard once you drop on Agra tour. Last year went to Agra during Taj Car rally event sharing the thrill with you in this blog. It is must attend event while on your visit. After consecutive success for two years, it is the third time in the row UP government is geared up for the extravaganza.

Agra Taj Car Rally 2016

Agra Taj Car Rally 2016
(Source: http://uttarhamara.com/)

  • It is the third Car rally program this year from 31st of January.
  • The show and the competition have been so much popular in the last two years that the final number of participants has been increased to 100 from 84.
  • Most of the participants are from UP, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh.
  • The organizers declared that the participants started moving in the city for the rally.
  • Government of UP supported the prize money of previous year with 6.5 lakh INR. The organizers feel that it will increase this time.
  • Government is feeling passion for speed and travel in the rally. Since the show highlights the tourist spots of the state it has increased the number of tourists even.
  • The rally is medium to mass spread a social message and promote your brand.

A long distance to travel

  • The rally will cover distance of 350 kilometres, in which 225 kilometres is the distance to be travelled for competition.
  • The rally will cover top tourist destinations near Agra like Bah, Bateshwar and Saurpari dotted on the route that, where the CM of the state is supposed to be flagging off the rally.
  • The route has been decided in a way that will promote tourism in the state in a new way.

Both Government and Organizers feel Car Rally will promote state tourism and will augment revenue share whereas the event is added entertainment for tourists in Agra. Book your tour accordingly. According to media men government is planning to declare it to be an annual event from the next year, looking at the success rate it is showing.

CS Sourav and Gaurav Gill, the two renowned rally winners are as excited as tourists that are looking forward of the show.

Tourists looking forward for the buzz must be a part of Agra Taj Car Rally. This year’s result is going to establish the real impact of the event from organizer. If it finds success this time again, then it is sure to be a great achievement for UP government.


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