About Maharashtra

Maharashtra, the Western India State is considered to have the most established and prosperous economy State of India. The State boasts of having many industries, and leading businesses and renowned businessmen, along with the famous faces of the country. The capital city of Maharashtra is known for Bollywood industry and celebrity. As per the tourism aspect, Maharashtra is a perfect destination to explore the nature, silent beaches, different species of birds and h..

eritage destinations. It was the ruling land of Maratha rulers and their tales of bravery and fight against Mughals are still alive.

Best time to visit :

The best time to visit Maharashtra is during the winter season, because the summers are too hot and monsoon season experience heavy rainfall.

How to reach :

By Air- The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai has one of the major airport ‘Chattarpati Shivaji International airport’. The flights are frequent service and connected with leading airports.


By Train- The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai has railway station ‘Chattarpati Shivaji Terminus’ which is well connected with other major railway stations of India.

By Road- The State is well connected with roads and national highways. Travelers can take the road option for the best means of communication.

Maharashtra is famous for :

Maharashtra offers a perfect tour package of heritage sites, valleys, hill stations, old temples, Marathi culture and much more. Let us check upon some of the major attractions of the State-

  • Aurangabad; a destination of world heritage sites known for painting caves of Ajanta and rock cut caves Ellora, Bibi ka Maqbura a replica of Taj Mahal, Panchakki.
  • Famous temples; Ghirishneshwar temple, Buddhist caves.
    Matheran for Sahyadri hills and a perfect picnic spot
    Mahabaleshwar; famous of hill stations Panchgani
  • Khandala; known for scenic beauty and hill station
  • Lonavala; milky waterfalls, green valleys.

Climate And Geography Maharashtra :

Summer season (March to June) temperature 22ºC to 39ºC

Monsoon season (July to October) temperature 24ºC to 38ºC

Winter season (November to February) temperature 12ºC to 34ºC

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