Travelling and touring are really exciting. Taking time off to see the world, time off from work and schedules are really good things that perk up our life from the daily, mundane routine works. Of course, we have to remember our friends and family who await our return and our souvenirs. We need souvenirs to remember the adventure filled holidays. But, wouldn’t it be nice if our souvenirs are natural things instead of artificial things that are not usually environmental friendly or costly items.

Family photos
Family photos against beautiful landscapes look gorgeous. Photos can also be collaged and framed so that they occupy less space at home, while bringing the entire trip to our memory. Shots of important landmarks are also treasured.

Nature in splendor
Taking short clippings showing beautiful landscapes, the rising sun, the sun setting in all its glory, large and famous monuments, etc., are exciting to take while it is happening and to be remembered in the future. They can also be shared with friends. Unique birds and animals found in the place of visit, the fish in the sea and the birds flying in search of food in the sea will never cease to remind us of our creator.

Natural Beauties
Buying glass statues, uniquely shaped bowls, or flower vases designed in wood are great gifts to give. Forests have pinecones, uniquely colored stones, seeds for the garden, dried twigs that have an interesting shape and attractive flowers that can be dried and preserved.

Useful products

Mementos can also be sunglasses, hats, shirts or tops, nail polish, small wordings, pens, pen stands, key chains, etc. Most of them are handmade and have a unique touch of the place of purchase. Accessories like belt, hair accessories, brooches, pouches etc., are also beautiful mementos. These are mementos that need not kept on display, but can be used in day to day life.

Post cards and booklets
Picture postcards tell a lot about the place you visit. Posting cards to your friends from your place of visit with a short line written by you, adds value to the postcard. Stamps from the place you visit are also treasures that people like. You can also mail the card to yourself, Send them from all the places you visit and you get a collection of postcards from different spots which can then be made into little picturesque booklets. Giving various captions to them makes it more interesting.

While on vacation near the sea-shore, you can collect shells, rocks and different looking pebbles. They can be displayed attractively on small boards with an equally good background. Collecting seeds or plants to be gifted to nature loving friends or having them for individual use are also good souvenirs that are natural and alive.

Buying small pencils, and pens, chocolates, unique toys crafted in wood, beautifully designed towels and tops, bags, etc., are all favorites of children who are always eager to get something from their parents.

Beautiful memories are collected on vacations. While they are still fresh, they bring smiles to our face. But to remember it always, we need mementos to freshen our minds and recollect those adventurous days.


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