Four Ways to Make Traveling with Kids Easier

Travel Packing Suitcase and Bags

Traveling can bring all sorts of freedom and fun, especially when you’re spending time together as a family. However, it can also be a challenging process when your kids are young. Here are some tips to ensure everyone has an easy, stress-free trip.

Travel Packing Suitcase and Bags

travel packing suitcase and bags

Prep Activities

Prolonged journeys can offer extremes. They may be full of excitement and new sights, or they may be interminably dull. No matter whether you are flying or driving, it’s wise to have some activities prepared beforehand. Use your children’s interests to your advantage. Are they passionate about superheroes or animals? Download related apps, or get a themed sticker book. Do they have a favorite author? Bring one of their books. Once you’ve chosen some activities, pack them in an accessible travel bag. Consider limiting use of any favorite toys, like tablets or activity books, a few days before leaving. Knowing they will have unfettered access to these things can be an incentive and make playtime all the more absorbing during travel.

Food on the Go

Part of staying healthy is what we eat. Travel does not mean you have to rely on starchy foods. There are plenty of healthy, practical options for the whole family. If you are going to be traveling by plane, you could pack fresh fruits to snack on. If you are going on a long road trip, healthy snacks will be essential so as not to have to stock up on unhealthy choices at gas stations. Look to basics like mixed nuts, dried fruits, hummus, tortillas, and combinations that include standards like peanut butter and sliced bananas. Even string cheese and peeled hard boiled eggs can be valuable sources of protein when you’re on the go.

Learning Opportunities

Travel is a great platform for learning. Even if you are waiting in an airport, you can teach your children the mechanics of traveling. For instance, you could explain why it is important to arrive early, why they should look after their passports, and how to pack a certain way. If you are traveling by car, you could introduce them to how you navigate long distances. Travel also offers broader learning opportunities. Stimulate their innate curiosity and offer insights into the places you drive through or fly over. Prepare them for a new culture by going over a few words or phrases. By using travel as a way to teach, you can keep your children occupied and engaged. With their minds focused on learning, you may find that time passes by for them without any of the restlessness that might otherwise happen.

Keeping Things Clean

There’s no escaping it, but kids are curious and can be all too happy to touch unfamiliar things and surfaces. This can be particularly problematic if you are flying with them. Airports and aircrafts can be full of germs, so it’s wise to be as vigilant as possible to elude picking up any extra ones. Remind your children that they should try to avoid putting toys on potentially dirty surfaces. As a precaution, stock up on anti-bacterial wipes. Use these to disinfect toys and surfaces that your children are exposed to. If you have to use toilets on your travels, it’s wise to have your family use tissues to act as a buffer between door and toilet handles. A plane’s atmosphere can also create conditions ripe for germs, especially on long flights. Your child’s nasal passage may become dehydrated, leaving it more susceptible. Guard against this by using a smidgen of petroleum jelly inside the nose, together with a saline solution.

Remember, if you prep well and keep things clean, you’ll have a much easier — and healthier — time while traveling. With the right equipment and planning, you can make travel fun for your little ones. After all, that’s what taking trips is all about.

Top 5 destinations in Kerala which can enthrall your upcoming vacation


Kerala is one of the top rated tourist destinations of India which attracts many visitors everyday throughout every year. Kerala which is known as the god’s own country is full of natural beauties and temples. Sea beaches, waterfalls, hill stations and historical heritages are some of the main attraction of Kerala. Are you one of them who want to travel in your vacation? If yes, then Kerala can be a great destination for you to visit for you. Whether you want to go alone or with your besties, Kerala tour will definitely a satisfactory and enjoyable tour for you.

No doubt in Kerala you can easily find several tourist destinations where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and historical palace. But it’s quite important to plan your Kerala tour in a proper and well managed way. Now the question is How to plan Kerala tour? For this, first of all you need to hire a professional travel agency or planner. Don’t worry! We at Maharaja Trails always there to help you in it.

The next big thing is to select some best destinations. Thought this is a tough job to select some particular tourist destinations in Kerala because all the tourist destinations in Kerala are amazing and have their own charm. But still in this post we are going to give you some selective and most visited top 5 tourist destinations of Kerala.

1. Madikeri



Madikeri is a fully natural scenic land which is famous for coffee plantations, waterfalls and hills. If you are a nature lover then this is a must visited place for you. This is a place which is suitable for trekking, walks and river rafting. This place is inside the district headquarters of Coorg and one of the top rated visiting destinations of Kerala.

2. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Temple

Kodaikanal Temple

Kodaikanal is a popular hill station of Kerala which is present at the chilling height of 7000 ft from the sea ground. This is an amazing place and most of the tourist comes to this place to enjoy the chilled and sensational weather of this locality in summer. Here you can enjoy amazing mountains and pine forest and much more.

3. Madurai



Madurai is another famous destination in Kerala which you can visit. If you are a spiritual person then this is a must visit place for you. This is present near the bank of River Vaigai and you can visit the most popular Meenakshi temple in this place. If you are going Kerala tour for family then never miss this spiritual tourist place.

4. Kanya Kumari



When the name comes to Kanya Kumari then it’s all about the beauties of the south most tip of India. This is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beautiful meeting of three seas like Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The sun set and sun rise are two most wonderful sight you can enjoy here. This is a place which is full of culture and religion. Never miss this wonder place if you are in Kerala.

5. Ooty



This is the most wonderful land of Kerala where you can find countless visitors every day. Ooty is a heaven like place for romantic couple and that’s the reason this is known as the best honeymoon destination of Kerala. This is a hill station which is full of green natural beauties. You can also enjoy some nearer destinations like tiger hills, Ooty Lake and much more.

These are some popular Kerala tour places for you. We at Maharaja Trailers have some best tourist packages for your family. We have friendly supportive staffs and they will guide you properly throughout your travel and make your vacation trip more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Book our best tourist package for your Kerala Trip and make your holidays memorable forever.

Enjoy the Teej Monsoon festival of Rajasthan with Maharaja Trails Travel

Teej Festival Savari

Rajasthan is known as the golden place of historical monuments. This is one of the most popular and top rated tourist state in India where very day huge numbers of people comes to spend their holidays or weekends with friends and family members. Rajasthan tour in monsoon is always a memorable tour for any visitor. Rajasthan is a place which is full of natural beauties and the tradition of this locality is just amazing. Every year, people of Rajasthan celebrate several tradition festivals those which are popular all over the world. The Upcoming Teej Festival is another popular and most traditional festival which is going to celebrate in Rajasthan on 13th and 14th of August.

If you are one of them who want to enjoy this auspicious traditional festival then you can plan for a Rajasthan Trip for future. Before planning for a trip it’s quite important to know more details regarding this popular festival right? Yes, so let’s discuss more on this popular festival of Rajasthan.

Why Teej Festival is important?

Teej is a monsoon festival which is one of the most important festivals for married women. This festival is celebrated for Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. According to priest this festival is only because in this particular day goddess Parvati meet Lord Shiva after the 100 years of celebration. People believe in this festival goddess Parvati will give fruitful blessings.

Teej Festival Savari

Teej Festival Savari

As this is a monsoon festival Teej normally celebrated in the third day after the fresh moon and 3rd day after the whole moon. This is a popular festival of western and northern India but Jaipur Rajasthan is the main place where you can enjoy the real Teej Festival. You can see many handicrafts and traditional things in this festival. If you are one of them who loves to watch cultural program then this festival is the best for you to experience.

What you can expect in this festival?

This is a festival in which you can enjoy traditional singing, dancing and feasting. Overall this is a festival of joy and entertainment.

Giddha Dance Teejyan Punjab Teej Festival.

Giddha Dance Teejyan Punjab Teej Festival

Maharaja Trails is the one stop solution for your Rajasthan Tour

Now the question is How to plan Rajasthan tour? Most of the time people face difficulties during their Rajasthan travel planning. Sometimes people can’t afford the huge amount of travel packages and some time people face bad travel agent who never manage the travel plan properly and put customers in Trouble. That’s the reason it’s always recommended to hire a professional travel agency so that you can enjoy your tour and make it memorable forever.

We at Maharaja Trails always provide amazing travel service at very affordable cost. We always focus on customer satisfaction and our Rajasthan tour for senior citizen is a special gift for sure towards our beloved senior citizens. We manage everything properly and our agents are mixing and never disrespect you. They will guide you properly throughout your travel and make your travel to Rajasthan colorful and memorable forever.

Our Rajasthan tour taxi service is very popular among people. So don’t worry about the travel and booking local taxies because we are always there to help you. If you want to book our travel package for your Rajasthan trip then you can check Rajasthan tour packages price on our website and can book easily. You can get special discount on our packages and also discuss your entire travel plan with our agents so that we can manage everything properly.

Agra – Best Places to Visit in Agra

Fatehpur Sikiri Buland Darwaza Gate

There is no beautiful place to show and feel love than Agra. The city of joy and love. It is not just as for words but it as a proof “monument of love: Taj Mahal’ that is situated at the bank of river Yamuna. It is a symbol of romance made by King Shah Jahan for his beautiful beloved wife Mumtaz.

With the great architectural skills and amazing garden view, Taj Mahal is spread in 188.4 square kilometres. As a matter of fact, Agra is more than Taj Mahal. There are so many things you can do and so many places you can explore. Some the few places to tick in your list on visiting Agra next time are mentioned below.

Fatehpur Sikri


Fatehpur Sikiri Buland Darwaza Gate

Fatehpur Sikiri Buland Darwaza Gate

This is another marvel monument that you must visit if you are in Agra. It was built by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1569. The red sandstone structure is a sight to behold. You need to travel around 37 km from Agra to reach this destination but it will worth every ounce of your travelling. The mosque of Mecca and the mosque in Fatehpur Sikri are similar to each other if we compare the construction. So, why not enjoy the spell-bounded beauty with our own eyes.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort

Agra Fort

This beauty is located in Rakabganj, Agra was styled as Islamic architecture is the remarkably amazing place to visit. Just like Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri, this was also built under the rule of Mughal emperor, specifically Akbar. It took years to be done and there is a total of 500 building in total in this single piece. However, half of the monument was destroyed in the war between Akbar and other rulers.

Ram Bagh

Ram Bagh, Agra

Ram Bagh, Agra (

It is an oldest Mughal garden that is still in an amazing shape with the proper care with great Islamic architecture. It was built under the rulership of Babur and is designed in the form of a Persian garden. This was known as “The garden of relaxation” and that is why it is known as Ram Bagh. It is open from sunrise to sunset and you can simply enjoy the serenity with calmness.

Keetham Lake

Keetham Lake, Agra

Keetham Lake, Agra

It is another beautiful place that you will love to visit again and again. It is a home for many resident and migratory birds. This bird sanctuary will bring you to peace by seeing many birds at the same place. This is the best place for the adventure and nature lover. It is easy to sight bar-headed goose, night heron, pintail, comb duck, and spoonbill. The richness of fauna and flora and the religious heritage will make you fall in love.

These are the famous places of Agra that are worth visiting. Apart from this, there are few markets that are famous for their cuisine and the beautiful artefacts that you can buy to flaunt at home. So, don’t wait, just make a booking today.

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5 Reasons To Visit Kerala This Summer

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Trip

Summer vacations are the gateway to heaven for the family. Kids can keep their excitement at bay and parents are simply happy seeing their kids free from load. It is common for the parents to plan out something special for the kid like few days trip to their grandparent’s house or a week vacation to their favourite destination.

Once such destination that is in the list in Kerala. The place located in Southern India is a place with divine beauty and unique culture. And with the monsoon season approaching, all you will like is a cup of hot coffee and some good food with the pouring rain. It will be a sight to behold and you won’t want to come back.

Some people might have some different thoughts about Kerala. Well, we have dug up some amazing reason to change their mind and make them plan a visit to Kerala.

Enjoy The Romantic Weather

No matter what you are single, married or have kids. Kerala will make you want to fall in love (for single) and enjoy your better half by making them feel special. Everyone has a different definition of romance but a maximum of them have a small point of rain added to it. Rain has the power to turn everything romantic with the intensified smell of nature and the calmness it gives.

Monsson Kerala Weather

Monsson Kerala Weather

The constant downpours open up many places that could be visited and spend some unforgettable time together. These places include Munnar, Kumarakom, Bekal beach, Poovar Island, etc. to name some. With the number of hideouts and access, you will be in the world full of enthral serenity that you won’t want to leave soon.

The Festival

Monsoon is also the beginning of so many festivals in the depth of Kerala that lasted for many days. The most important festival that is celebrated in Kerala is Onam around August. It is celebrated in the honour of King Mahabali and is also the harvest festival of Kerala. Just like any other festival celebrated in India, Onam is also a reason for spreading joy and happiness around.

Onam Kerala Festival Decoration

Onam Kerala Festival Decoration (

People decorate their homes and wear traditional clothes. Let’s not forget the most famous snake boat race at the bank of Pamba River will attract you the most. These things will make you visit Kerala every time during this festival and see the variety of colours and happy faces.

Backwater Of Kerala

Have you ever wanted to be in the middle of green palm trees, green villages that looks like a gateway to heaven, varied wildlife and an amazing houseboat? Well, if yes, then Kerala is the exact place that you need to visit this year. It is not even possible for us to describe the beauty of that place.

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Trip

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Trip

It is one of the tranquil places that will make you want to stick to one place, close your eyes and just nature capture you. Even the backwater spots like Alappuzha-Kochi, Ashtamudi, and Mannanam will hold your attention and you will be left spell-bounded. Especially if your main purpose of planning a trip for sightseeing than Kerala must be at the top of your list.

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Fulfil Your Tree House Fantasy

Have you ever wanted to have your own tree house as a kid? The place where you can spend some alone time, be with your friends and simply enjoy those childhood innocent moments. Well, your fantasies can be turned real now. All you need to do is visit Kerala. No monsoon can be better than a cup of hot tea in your hand, clouds pouring above you and you enjoying in your tree house.

Kerala Tree House

Kerala Tree House

Even for the single person who is travelling alone, it is an amazing way to wake up in the morning with the chirping of birds than the alarm sound. And if you are a nature lover than it will make you feel connected to nature and you can appreciate the real beauty this nature holds in the rainforest canopy. Also, you can participate in different activities like trekking with a guide.

Rejuvenating Your Body

Nothing can beat the Ayurveda treatment. India is famous for its Ayurveda practice for a long time and Kerala is the best way to have a firsthand experience of this. You will be able to breathe in the pollution-free and cool environment and each and every pore of your body will be able to experience the change in your body. You can also get the herbal oil treatment and therapy to reactive your cells.

Kerala Ayurveda treatment

Kerala Ayurveda treatment

There are various forms of rejuvenating practices including yoga, diet, meditation, massage, etc. There are various hotels that provide these services to their customers with discounted rates wit monsoon offers.

Apart from these, if you have a kid at home, then nothing can be better to visit Kerala and teach him/her, the importance of nature and the tradition that is followed by our country. It is important for the younger generation to learn everything as change depends on them. Let the fun and adventure be a lifelong lesson for them. So, don’t stress out on planning a trip for Kerala. These reasons are more than enough to decide your next destination. Just sit back and relax.